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Funnel week concludes at Iowa Capitol


A Senate version of a bill to raise the state gas tax is moving on.

A House version to do the same thing failed to make it out of committee by Friday's deadline and that isn't the only bill that's done for the year.

"It, it's a tough year to get things through," said Sen. Pat Ward, (R) Clive.

That's always the case when you're the party in the minority. This year, Republicans can easily pass bills in the House. They may even have the governor's blessing.

"But they're dead when they get to the Iowa Senate," said Sen. Ward.

Ward says Republicans tried to move forward a bill that would have required them to look at state regulations and decide if they are hampering job growth.

"That was a common sense thing. Let's look at what's on the books and whether it's really necessary. And that provision simply didn't get, it won't see the light of day today," said Sen. Ward.

Neither will a bill that would have required legislators to pay $200 per month for health insurance. It only would have affected lawmakers. Ward called it a baby step.

"But it was a step in the right direction, something I thought was necessary and reasonable," said Ward.

Necessary and reasonable - It's the approach Iowans were promised when the session began.

"Sometimes it's hard to reign in legislators who have a different idea," said Rep. Janet Petersen, (D) Des Moines.

Petersen is happy about bills that did not survive in the House including a gun bill that got killed this week.

"I think 83% of Iowans want to keep our existing gun laws or even strengthen them, so doing things that might endanger people like allowing people to bring guns into something like county hospitals, like Broadlawns," said Petersen.

And what she calls extreme measures on women's health.

"That would make even some forms of birth control illegal, so that's one area that I hope we stay away from," said Petersen.

But Petersen hopes that the House can move forward on some women's issues and in the Senate, Ward predicts one thing will definitely make it to the governor's desk.

"And that's property tax reform, and tax reform in general," said Sen. Ward.

When pressed, Sen. Ward could not name a piece of legislation that she wished had not survived funnel week.

There is always a chance that some of these issues could come up again in the form of amendments to another bill.

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