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25 Words toddlers should know

Toddlers should have a vocabulary of at least 25 words by the age of two, according to experts at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania.

The typical toddler's vocabulary can range from 75 to 225 words, but not every child develops at the same pace. The list of "must know" words can serve as a guide to parents.

Researchers say "slow talkers" who have not mastered twenty-five words by age two may have developmental delays. If a child isn't using the bulk of the list by their third birthday, parents may want to consider taking the child to a speech therapist.

The list of "must have" words includes:

 - Mommy
 - Daddy
 - Baby
 - Milk
 - Juice
 - Hello
 - Ball
 - Yes
 - No
 - Dog
 - Cat
 - Nose
 - Eye
 - Banana
 - Biscuit 
 - Car
 - Hot
 - Thank you
 - Bath
 - Show
 - Hat
 - Book
 - All gone
 - Bye bye

Experts say parents can boost their child's language skills by turning off the television and engaging them in conversation. 


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