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Synthetic marijuana sends Iowa high school students to the hospital


Three students at a Des Moines area high school were taken from school to the hospital after friends say they smoked synthetic marijuana Friday.

They were able to buy the "incense" across the street from campus.

The students were taken by ambulance to the hospital after one passed out in the cafeteria and two others began acting strange.

"Yeah they tripped out they like both had seizures during lunch and one of them just got taken out," one student said. " I saw my friend, Ariana, who's a junior-- I believe, have a seizure. The other one got taken out on a wheelchair."

Police aren't sure whether the teens were smoking the synthetic marijuana--known by names like K2 and Cloud Nine.  A blunt--which is a hollowed out cigar used for smoking drugs--was found by police and that has to be tested.

The school resource officer is "not sure at this point, all we have is like I said is a small blunt that needs to go out to the state lab to be evaluated to know exactly what it is."

A few Des Moines-area students told the press as many as half of the students at East High in Des Moines smoke the stuff.  It's cheap and easy to get.

"Get ten dollars you can get some. Yeah, you get ten dollars you get a gram. Yeah, if you have 10-dollars you can get some," one boy said.

We went to Oasis, a grocery and liquor store across the street cited by the students as a place to buy the synthetic marijuana.  A guy working there denied selling K2 to the teenagers, but says, he does sell what he calls incense--which is basically the same thing.

City councilman Bob Mahaffy says he's working on getting the Oasis shut down for good. He says anyone who sells stuff like this to kids should not be doing business in Des Moines.

"You know some of these people will do anything for a dime, and their moral character has to be questioned if they do that," he said.

The high school principal says he didn't see the kids having seizures, but one was not responsive when medics arrived--and another seemed incoherent.

Their conditions have not been made public.

K2 has been outlawed in Iowa after an Indianola teen committed suicide after smoking it in 2010, but not all synthetic marijuana has the same chemical composition so most of it is legal in Iowa.

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