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Clayton County first responders rescue woman from fire


Heroic efforts by first responders save a life at a huge house fire in Clayton County late Friday night.

The fire broke out at a farmhouse north of Strawberry Point with two people inside.

One person was able to get out on his own, but a woman was still trapped inside.

The chimney is all that remains from a house on Evergreen Rd.

Smoke still rises nearly 72 hours after it began burning.

Firefighters weren't able to save the home but emergency crews did save a woman who lived there.

Sheriff's Deputy Jack Ostrander was first on the scene and saw a man in his truck.

When I pulled in I made contact with the male in the vehicle, I could see he had soot on his body and his hair was singed pretty good. I asked where she was. He said still in the house.

Ostrander went to the back door and tried to get to the woman three times but the smoke was too intense.

That's when Strawberry Point firefighters arrived.

"We saw the fire a mile and a half away. We showed up on scene. The officer said he found the lady so I got out of the truck, opened the door slowly, the wind blew the smoke away enough so I could see where she was and I went in three and a half feet and pulled her out," firefighter Jon Becker said.

"The front of the house was engulfed. The back was smoking really well. I didn't know if it was going to be moments before the back half went or we were in danger but we knew we had to help her and get her going," Ostrander said.

Firefighter Chad Roda and Paramedic Walt Zehr used CPR to revive the woman.

The fire department had just had CPR training two days earlier.

But the first responders say they were just doing their job and are glad everyone will be okay.

The female victim is at an Iowa City hospital where she's expected to stay for a couple of days.

The male victim was released from the hospital over the weekend.

The woman's son says he's grateful for the first responders and that they went above and beyond the call of duty to save his mom.

It's still not clear what caused that fire.

Elkader Police and Fire, Edgewood Fire and Ambulance, Littleport Fire and Volga Fire all assisted at the scene, which is 8 miles northeast of Strawberry Point.

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