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Carly Pagel: Athlete of the Week


When she gets the ball in the paint, chances are, Carly Pagel's coming out of it with 2 points.  But, the Sumner-Fredericksburg senior can do more than just score.

Coach Dean Mohling says, "She really sees the floor well, she positions herself well. She can play up outside and she crashes well when she gets there."

The Sumner-Fredericksburg senior is about to close out a thousand point career, and she's ending it on a high note, shooting 55 percent, while scoring about 16 points per game.

Carly says, "I've built strengths up to the outside and high post shots, drives, assists, knowing where my teammates are, always looking for boards, getting putbacks."

But for Carly, this year's all about the team, and the team has flourished. The Cougars won their first 20 games this season while suffering their only loss on Tuesday night.  Now, with the regular season over, the goals have changed.

Carly states, "We've already accomplished getting back to back conference championships which was our first goal, and now it's just winning."

And Carly's a play could help make that happen.  She's not only a force on game night, but on the practice floor as well.

Mohling says, "A lot of times I go against her underneath, and I remember when she was a freshman...I always felt, freshman, sophomore, junior years, I thought I could kind of handle her. Now, this year, I don't know if I can handle her anymore."

And Carly Pagel may be the key to this team reaching Des Moines for the first time in more than three decades.

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