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Health Plus: KWWL story helps woman get medical answers

One eastern Iowa woman knew something wasn't right with her body.

Thanks to a heart awareness story she saw right here on KWWL, she decided to get a second opinion.

It was a decision that saved her life.

Carol Hoeweler knew something wasn't right.

"I was so short of breath and weak, I couldn't walk 10 feet," Carol said.

The Dubuque woman's symptoms persisted for nearly a year--despite doctor visits and tests--with no relief.

That's where KWWL comes in.

"We do watch KWWL and we were thankful for the program and education you get," Carol said.

Thanks to the urging of her children, the 73-year-old came to Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo to meet with a cardiologist they saw in a health story we aired on TV.

"The medicine she was getting was not doing the job, and so we decided after listening to the history, listening to her, the physical exam and reviewing the lab data and the echo data, we needed to pursue it further," Covenant Medical Center Dr. Richard Valente said.

A catheterization test found increased pressure in Carol's heart and lungs.  So much so, 20 pounds of fluid had to be drained from her body.

Her abnormal heart rhythm led to a pacemaker.

"If you go to a couple of people that you respect and they give you the same diagnosis, well probably enough has been done but if there's a different approach and a different way to look at things, it's worth pursuing 'cause you often get a different answer,"  the cardiologist said.

Carol's advice?

Don't take no for an answer when it comes to getting medical help.

"Nobody would listen. You have to be persistent," she said. 

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