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Healthy Kids Act attempts to keep students on the right path


Physical fitness, eating right, and all around healthy living is being promoted in schools. Here in Iowa the Healthy Kids Act has set up guidelines for schools to follow to keep students on the right track.

In Iowa, under the Healthy Kids Act, kids are required to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity everyday in school. How they get that activity is up the school's administrators and teachers.

In between reading, writing, and arithmetic, Mr. Swanson's third grade class at Lincoln Elementary in Waterloo, spends time breaking a sweat.

"My kids do rotations where each rotation they'll do some kind of exercise. I try to change it up so the kids don't get bored with the exercises and it keeps them physically fit for the most part. It helps get their wiggles out," said teacher, Jeremy Swanson.

These students are learning about hard work and motivation through their exercises.

"I want to be better in school and I want to focus on my work," said third grader, Maki Laflore.

Some don't mind taking this homework with them.

"When I go outside I ask my friends to come out and we play around and have fun," said third grader, Maverick Mulford.

At Lincoln Elementary they have P. E. classes once every four days, but it's that 30 minutes of activity everyday in the classroom and out at recess that school administrators and teachers say keep their kids focused.

"I've got some kids that are very active and they look forward to the physical activity because it's a time where they are able to move, they're able to get some energy out, and some of them just like to show off," said Swanson.

Lincoln Elementary has also received a healthy snack grant. The money goes to give students a healthy snack everyday which usually includes fruit or vegetable.

The Healthy Kids Act applies to older students as well. Kids in 6th through 12th grade are required to get at least 120 minutes of physical activity per week.

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