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Five-year-old saves mom's life in Clayton County

Five-year-old Diezel Fuelling helped save his mom, Stacy Fuelling Five-year-old Diezel Fuelling helped save his mom, Stacy Fuelling

An eastern Iowa woman avoided a potentially deadly situation behind the wheel recently, thanks to the life-saving efforts of her little boy.

As five-year-old Diezel Fuelling and his mom Stacy Fuelling know, heroes don't have to be grown-ups. They learned that on the evening of Monday, Jan. 23, when a routine trip to the library nearly ended in disaster.

"We had gone to Elkader just to run some errands," Fuelling said, "and on my way home, my blood sugar got low."

Fuelling, who has diabetes, was having a hypoglycemic episode while driving.

"At first, I didn't know what was wrong," her son Diezel said.

Fuelling managed to dial her husband's phone number.

"Then I just handed the phone to him so he could talk to my husband and kind of explain how to get it into park or neutral or something so we weren't going down the road anymore," Fuelling said.

"I steered it, with my mom's hand on the steering wheel," Diezel said.

With the vehicle inching along and Fuelling disoriented, Diezel managed to shift into park.

"Eventually, I stopped the car," Diezel said. "I just put it up as far as it would go."

He then directed his dad to the scene by knowing a nearby neighbor.

"He asked me where we were, and I told him I didn't even know what street we were on, but I knew the person's name that we were by," Diezel said.

Even the bravest heroes face some honestly frightening situations.

"I was kind of scared, too," Diezel said. "I thought we were going to go in the ditch at one time."

Diezel saved three lives that evening. Fuelling is pregnant with the family's third child, which is partly why her blood sugar levels were so low.

"They don't want the baby to get too big too fast, which glucose -- too much glucose in your system -- can cause it to do," Fuelling said.

High levels of glucose, she said, caused the premature births of both Diezel and his three-year-old brother Weston.

"Diezel was seven weeks early and Weston was eight-and-a-half weeks early, but they were still very large," Fuelling said.

Now, of course, this family is forever grateful for Diezel's quick and level-headed actions.

"He's my hero," Fuelling said. "Of course, I'm very proud of him. Always have been."

"I did my best," Diezel said.

Fuelling said she would have been in trouble had it not been for her son.

"I don't know what would've happened, but I don't know if I would've made it home," Fuelling said. "I mean, I suppose at some point I would've been coherent enough to maybe dial 911, but I was pretty out of it."

Fuelling got all checked out after the episode. She's now 20 weeks along in her pregnancy. She and the baby girl are fine.

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