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Bahamian dog now calls Iowa home


10-year-old Squirrel will do almost anything for his favorite homemade cookie treats.

Squirrel now calls Cedar Falls home, but he's originally from the Bahamas.

"In the Bahamas they're called Bahamian Potcakes. It's really a mix between a wild dog and a Heinz 57," said Lurleen Kennedy-Sobolik.

Owner Lurleen Kennedy-Sobolik lived in the Bahamas for about three years, working as a personal chef.

She found Squirrel one day at the fruit market.

"I saw this little head peaking out of a box, and he jumped out of the box. He was really small, and was full of mange. No hair and scabby, but his little tail was going back and forth. He was the happiest little guy," said Kennedy-Sobolik.

Despite being a happy dog, Kennedy-Sobolik said he was in bad shape. He had a hole in his ear, which you can still see. She took the pup to the vet. She got a special shampoo to help with the mange and got his vaccinations up-to-date.

"At the time, I was like I can't keep the dog. I already had a dog," she said.

Her dog was a German shepherd named Alexia. After a couple weeks, the dogs bonded and Kennedy-Sobolik said she was attached to little Squirrel, too.

Ten years later, he's still a happy dog.

In case you're wondering why Lurleen Kennedy-Sobolik named him Squirrel, she said it's just because he's squirrely.

"Something is squirrely or squiggling all over. So squirrel just stuck," she said.

Squirrel is still a little squirrely, but mostly he likes to sleep, go on walks and eat his dog treats.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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