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Eastern Iowans splurge on Super Bowl Sunday


Get ready to loosen your belts this weekend. Super Bowl Sunday is almost here and that means many people will let loose and indulge in some of their favorite game day foods.

The Super Bowl has become an unofficial holiday and when you walk through Hy-Vee, the decorations rival those of Christmas and Halloween; all promoting those goodies ready for you to take home.

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest days of the year when it comes to eating.

"It's actually the second biggest eating day of the year and behind Thanksgiving which you wouldn't think of," said Hy-Vee Dietitian Stephanie Beenken.

The top choice of food during the Super Bowl is pizza.

"Super Bowl Sunday is a great day for us. It's our second busiest day of the year behind Christmas Eve, believe it or not and we'll sell a lot of pizzas and a lot of lasagna that day," said Mama Mimi's owner Jim Andreassen.

Mama Mimi's in Cedar Falls is expecting to sell around 200 pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday and all that pizza means a lot of extra work.

"We have to staff up first of all. We'll probably double the staff and we just placed our order yesterday. Everything we do here is fresh so we order two or three times a week and so we've doubled our order as far as the dough, the produce, and the meats, and everything," said Andreassen.

When you get comfy on the couch and flip on the game you might also want to find some healthier options to serve during it, because the amount of calories you take in just during the game really starts to add up.

"I've seen lots of different averages out there but what I've found most often was 1200 to 1400 calories just during the game, so that's not including what your going to have for breakfast, lunch, snacks. So it's pretty much going to add up. That could be somebody's whole day of calories," said Beenken.

Beenken says there are healthier options for Super Bowl Sunday such as choosing leaner meats to serve like turkey and chicken. Also, add a veggie platter to your spread and try to serve baked chips instead of those that are deep-fried.

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