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Iowa House panel approves ban on traffic cameras


A House panel has voted to ban the use of automated cameras to enforce traffic laws.

The House Transportation Committee approved the measure on Thursday in a 15-6 vote, sending it to the full House for debate.

Backers of the ban say public sentiment is overwhelmingly against using the cameras, which most frequently monitor those who run red light and exceed the speed limit. They say enforcement needs to include the discretion that human police officers can provide.

Some legislators wanted to allow the cameras, but instead limit the amount that drivers would be forced to pay in fines. That effort was defeated.

Opponents of the ban say cameras make the roads safer and that should be the top priority for lawmakers. They also free up limited law enforcement resources for other needs.

Several Iowa Cities are already using automated cameras including Cedar Rapids. Waterloo, Dubuque and Iowa City have considered using the cameras. Dubuque has decided to wait on making a decision until the Iowa legislature finishes debating the issue.

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