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Red light camera debate motors on


Mohammed Bass of Coralville thinks it would be a good idea to bring red light cameras into the Iowa City area.

"I wouldn't like people running red lights causing some accidents," Bass said.

Iowa City appears to be the latest in the state headed in that direction, recently passing the second of three votes needed to pursue a contract with a camera vendor.

But momentum against these cameras is now picking up steam in Des Moines.

A house subcommittee passed a bill just this week that would ban automated traffic enforcement cameras in the state altogether.

"I have ten thousand signatures on my desk of people who want to ban the cameras, so that tells me there's a lot of people who don't like this road that we're going down," said Republican state Representative Walt Rogers from Cedar Falls.

The issue has certainly been divisive.  Recently elected Democratic state Senator Liz Mathis or Robins has been flooded with comments on her Facebook page.

Some posts asking lawmakers to keep the cameras citing safety.

Others wanting a ban, believing the cameras are nothing more than a money grab.

Mathis says she believes, however, the state should play no role in determining the fate of these cameras.

"I think a ban is a bad idea.  I think that's up to a city to decide and not up to the state to decide," Mathis said.

And so the debate motors on with little indication of whether cameras in Iowa will ultimately be given the green light or the red light.


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