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Snowshoeing at the Hartman Reserve


Friday night, almost 100 hikers turned out at the Hartman Reserve to learn the basics of snowshoeing.

"We have a snowshoe event at Hartman Reserve every year, this is our fifth or sixth year that we've done it. It started with just a snowshoe race on Saturday, and we found that it's really hard to do that when people don't really understand what's going on, " event organizer and co-owner of The Runner's Flat in Cedar Falls Scott Gall said.

The event was a chance for the curious to find out what snowshoeing is all about in a low pressure setting.

"The night hike is really for people that are curious about snowshoeing, and want to look at them and see that they're not four feet long and twenty pounds. And so there are definitely a lot of beginners, a lot of people that are just kinda hoppin' in and excited to check it out," Gall said.

The end goal is to get people comfortable in the shoes and maybe even get them racing the next day.

"We have all the snowshoes ready for the weekend. It allows us to get people in and get them introduced to the activity, the sport. Put 'em on and start walking and get used to 'em and little by little you're either walking or running pretty good in them," Gall said.

Friday night brought the night hike through the woods around Hartman Reserve, and on Saturday the Reserve will host a 10k race. The proceeds from the two nights went to support the Hartman Reserve and Cedar Valley Association for Soft Trails.

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