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City of Waterloo looking for ways to recoup overtime


Waterloo police and fire rescue pulled in a lot of overtime last year covering many special events around the community. Director of Safety Services Dan Trelka has approached the Waterloo City Council and he's looking for ways to recoup some of that cost from those special events.

Last year around 40 events needed help from the Waterloo Police Department and Waterloo Fire Rescue, which resulted in the overtime. It's something Trelka is keeping an eye on.

"I had a discussion with the city council about what direction we should go in because in some of those circumstances we're questioning whether it's really fair for all the taxpayers to be subsidizing these events," Trelka said.

Cheryl Meller is the President of the Waterloo Jaycees. Her organization put on the 4th of July fireworks festival in downtown Waterloo.

"Last year for the fireworks we made right around $1,000 profit off the event and the year before it was less than $500 off the event," Meller said.

If a new fee would be added to pay for police, Meller is afraid the Jaycees would lose money.

"In this economy it's already a challenge to get enough sponsorships to cover the expenses of the event so we would have to try to figure out another way to recoup that. It could result in increased gate fees. It could result in increased beer prices. It could result in less opportunities at the festival," Meller said.

Trelka says he doesn't want to see that happen.

"Let me make this message loud and clear, we're willing to work with the special events. We're willing to work with them to accomplish a common goal because we actually like to see more of these events throughout the city," Trelka said.

Director Trelka has been asked by the city council to put together a plan on how to recoup the overtime cost. There is no timeline for when Trelka will present his plan.

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