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Most Americans don't watch the State of the Union


Millions of Americans tuned in to hear President Barack Obama's address to a Joint Session of Congress. Every major network, and some cable stations, carried the State of the Union live, while other people watched online.

But Nielsen ratings estimates nearly two-thirds of American households did not watch.

The Boettgers are among the latter group. While some folks watched the President's speech, the Boettger's were watching their son Ike hit the hardwoods.

"We really didn't even think twice about it!" they joked.

Tim and Cris Boettger said there's no where else they'd rather be on a Tuesday night, but Tim is interested in what's happening right now in Washington.

"We're both concerned a lot about our country. Think about it, pray about it, hope really that god will lead our country well and pray for our leader," Tim Boettger said.

Meanwhile at a Waterloo bar and grill, Adam Blake could easily watch. He was surrounded by televisions.

"I'm not going to make it a point to stay home to watch the State of the Union address. At least not this one," he said.

Blake said, he hears the same thing from The President every year. With just a few months to go till the election, he believes Tuesday's speech is about more than the state of the country.

"I think it's a campaign ploy. That's the way he's going to treat it," Blake said.

The Boettger's believe, what The President said Tuesday night carries weight, and may impact what happens in Congress over the coming months. Whether it will influence what happens in November is up for debate.

"I don't know if people are going to remember in November what he said. They're probably going to be feeling like, do I have a job? Have I put away money for my kid's college? That's what they're going to feel. Whether they remember the speech, I'd be surprised," Cris Boettger said.

For now, the Boettgers said The President can wait. After all, the highlights from the State of the Union are everywhere. But they can only see their son play in person.

"I think the Cliffs Notes of that are perfect. Sum it up! Evening news at 10:00, perfect!" Cris joked.

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