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UPDATE: Arrest of Waterloo man could close 20 burglary cases


Police say the arrest of a Waterloo man could close more than 20 burglary cases across eastern Iowa.

Jonathan Henry Martin, 28, was arrested on Jan. 27, after Waterloo police say he burglarized the Bamboo Ridge convenience store.

Since then, Martin has been charged in three other counties and is a suspect in burglaries in two others.

Martin faces three counts of third degree burglary and three counts of criminal mischief in Jones County.  Sheriff Greg Graver says Martin in the suspect in burglaries that happened in his county in November.

On Friday, Manchester police announced that Martin has been charged with second degree burglary, third degree criminal mischief and possession of psuedoephedrine for breaking into Widner Drug Store on January 8 and stealing psuedoephedrine.

In the burglary at Widner Drug Store, police say Martin broke out the glass on the front door and was in and out in minutes. This same scenario has played out in several communities.

Over the weekend, Sumner police say they interviewed Martin about the break-in at the Sumner Pharmacy on January 18.  At the request of Independence police, they also interviewed Martin about the break-in at the Independence Pharmacy on the same day.

Sumner police say Martin admitted to all of the pharmacy burglaries and several convenience store burglaries in Northeast Iowa.  He told investigators that he would steal the pseudoephederine and sell it to meth makers in the Waterloo area.

In Sumner, Martin is charged with third degree burglary, possession of drug precursors, criminal mischief and theft.

They say Martin could clear up 15 pharmacy burglaries and five or six convenience store burglaries.

Johnson County Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek says that Martin is a suspect in his county as well.

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