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SYSK: Nine-year-old boy helps save little girl's life at bus stop


Friday, November 4, 2011 is a day Kim Kremer won't forget anytime soon. That's the day her son, Austin James, helped save a little girl's life.

"I'm so happy nobody died," said Austin James (A.J.) Kremer.

Around 7 a.m., A.J. and five-year-old Laynee Hogan -- who goes to the Kremer's for child care -- headed outside for the school bus.

The bus stopped with its lights flashing and the stop sign out. A.J. and Laynee were ready to cross the road to get on the bus when A.J. noticed a semi approaching and held the five-year-old back.

"Once I looked over, the semi was coming and I didn't see it stopping so I held Laynee back and it went by," said nine-year-old A.J. Kremer.

While all this was going on, A.J. and Laynee's moms were watching from a window as they do every day.

"On this morning, we no more got in here and looked out and the semi went right on by. We didn't know if they were still in the driveway or on the bus," said Kim Kremer.

Kim Kremer called the bus barn, and the driver had already reported what happened. The driver said A.J.'s quick thinking kept him and Laynee safe.

"Laynee, she has always known once that bus is stopped, the lights are on, it's okay to cross and get on the bus. That's why we're glad AJ was there that morning because she would have dashed right out there," said Kim Kremer.

Everything happened so fast, no one got a description of the semi. But black marks are still on the road from that morning.

"You can tell by the black marks he did break at the last minute. I don't know how he didn't clip the stop sign on the school bus going around it like that," said Kremer.

After the incident, the school principal and bus barn manager came to the Kremer's home and decided it would be safer for the bus to pull into the driveway.

So now the kids don't have to worry about crossing the road anymore.

We've previously reported on Kadyn's law, which is a proposed bill designed to increase school bus safety.

It would require cameras on buses as well as a ban on the use of all electronic devices in school bus.

The legislation is based on a case in Worth County where a seven-year-old girl was killed in a hit and run accident while getting off her school bus.

You can learn more by going to "Watch For The Little Ones" on Facebook.


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