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Workers face winter head-on


For those who have to work outside, the unseasonably warm weather we had at the begging of the week was a pleasant surprise, but all good things must come to an end.

Whether you're going for a walk or clearing them winter has arrived in full force. Those who work outside through all four seasons say winter has its downside.

Kelly Woods has been a mail carrier for five years. During that time she has come to appreciate the little things home owners due to make her job easier.

"Just keeping the steps clear and their sidewalks clear. As far as curb side delivery, it's nice if the snow is out of the way of the mail boxes it's easier for us to drive up to the boxes and deliver it versus getting stuck," said Woods.

Around noon it was 22 degrees in downtown Waterloo. On Wednesday a number of cities were breaking records with temperatures will into the 50's and it's that dramatic change in temperature that has many people who work staying on their toes.

"There were a couple carriers out delivering mail in shorts just a couple of days ago. Ya know one extreme to the other. It was going to come in hard and it was going to get ugly," said Woods.

Despite walking through the snow, climbing slippery steps, and dressing in a number of layers, Woods says this is a great job.

"I like my job. It's fun. I'm out and I don't have to listen to ringing phones. I don't have someone over my shoulder. Days like yesterday when it's freezing cold and windy, it's hard. I mean it's got a lot of pros to it," said Woods.

A few ideas to help your mail carrier this winter is to keep your walkways clear of snow and ice and also keep exterior areas well lighted. This helps those delivery mail later in the day.

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