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UNI student finds new ways to stay warm

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Just like the wintry mix of snow that hit eastern Iowa Thursday, it was a mix of emotions for University of Northern Iowa students as they braved the cold weather walking to class.

"It's winter weather. Welcome to Iowa right," UNI student Jason Scott said.

It is Iowa weather, but after weeks of mild temperatures, the winter blast came as a surprise to students Randi Knipp and Caitlin Lake.

"Pretty sure yesterday I drove with my windows down," Lake said.

"Going from 50 degrees a couple of days ago to this is insane. Much prefer the spring weather," Knipp said.

As for student Peter Dekluiver, he's from California and has spent the last few years adjusting to Iowa winters.

"It's been a change. We had a fun extended fall and what can I say. Surprise! Boom there it is," Dekluiver said.

The engineering student prepared himself for the elements by making a winter suit that looks like a spacesuit.

"I designed this four years ago. It works great," Dekluiver said. "Even when it's negative 40 outside, it's still 80 degrees inside."

Regardless of the temperature, Dekluiver said he is prepared for Thursday's winter weather and beyond.

"Everybody is like, is he nuts? No! I got science! Plus you can see me 'cause it's orange," Dekluiver said.

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