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Company offers $5,000 to stop copper thefts


One area company wants to end to a rash of copper thefts. A-Line EDS is offering a $5,000 reward after thieves have been hitting the business almost nightly this past month.

A-Line EDS is a company in Waterloo that does what few in the Midwest can do. They recycle power equipment like transformers and get them back out on the market. One key component of a transformer is copper and it's a very valuable material.

Anne Bailey, the Sales Manager of A-Line EDS says copper thieves have been hitting the business for around month and costing the company big money.

"I would say 10's of thousands just in the damage they've done. Not necessarily in the value of the components they've stolen, but just with the damage they've done and what we have had to put in to upgrade our already pretty extensive security here," said Bailey.

A-Line EDS has so much equipment on their property, about 4 and half acres worth, that they don't have time to check it all everyday. What they've been doing is putting zip ties on the equipment just so they can check with a quick glance to see if anyone has broken in.

Officials with the Waterloo Police Department say they have seen an increase in these types of thefts over the past few years.

"Never ceases to amaze me the lengths people will go to, from breaking into abandoned homes to cutting copper pipes out to businesses that store large spools of copper wiring for their business purposes. They steal it and they scrap it out for money," said Lt. Michael McNamee of the Waterloo Police Department.

"It's one of the higher dollar materials out there. They're going to get between two or three dollars a pound and I think a lot of facilities around here have issue with it. I think it's not new to anybody that copper is being stolen," said Bailey.

With a reward of $5000 officials with A-Line EDS are hoping these thefts come to an end quickly.

If you have any information about these thefts you asked to call the Waterloo Police Department.

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