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SYSK: Hudson boys basketball coaches


Old school and new school. Two different, yet similar basketball coaches.

"I've never seen those two disagree. They work together to benefit us," said player Justin Petersen.

Steve Miles, coaching for 12 years at Hudson.

"It's all about developing kids to make them the best players they can possibly be," said Steve Miles.

And Sean Leonard, in his third year with the school.

Both coaches said they hope these players learn the game, work as a team and become better people.

"Probably the biggest thing we teach is working ethic. They can use it their whole life wherever they go. College. Job," said Miles.

Besides making a positive impact on the players, both coaches have dealt with some health issues.

Steve Miles discovered cancer on his left tonsil about five years ago. He underwent chemotherapy and radiation and stayed coaching during treatments, despite not being able to talk. He said cancer changed his life.

"The radiation has taken away the use of my left arm. I can't use it at all. To show kids how to shoot correctly, or play catch with my daughters who play softball. It changed how you look at life, and how you appreciate the things you do have. It really takes a mindset to block that stuff out when you're trying to do stuff with kids," said Steve Miles.

Sean Leonard first had heart trouble when he was a junior at Turkey Valley High School. Now, he has issues again.

"My left ventricle isn't pumping blood that way it needs to or at least not as vigorously as it needs to," said Sean Leonard.

But Leonard said the problem should be fixed with medication.

Neither coach is slowing down. A lesson in perseverance for their players.

"Like myself, he loves the game and he cares about the kids, and I think that's what coaching is all about," said Leonard.

All about making a positive difference in the lives of these players and the many more to come.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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