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Defection, accusation, denial, firing--all headline latest Bachmann campaign news


The Michele Bachmann campaign fired its Iowa Political Director, Wes Enos, Thursday, only hours after Enos backed up Iowa Senator Kent Sorenson's claim that money was not involved in Sorenson's decision to leave the Bachmann campaign to support Ron Paul.

Sorenson is a Republican Iowa State Senator, representing Warren County. Until Wednesday, he was Michele Bachmann's Iowa Campaign Manager. The Iowa State Senator defected from the struggling Bachmann campaign to the surging campaign of Ron Paul.

That defection promoted Michele Bachmann to call Sorenson a "sell out," and someone who left her camp because the Paul campaign offered him money to do so. Both Sorenson and the Paul campaign deny the accusation.

"I had a conversation with Kent Sorenson and, in the direct conversation I had with him, he told me that he was offered money. He was offered a lot of money by the Ron Paul campaign to go and associate with the Ron Paul campaign," Bachmann said on Thursday. 

Sorenson countered with a denial that any money had been offered or paid. 

"I love Michele Bachmann. I love her family. I think they're fantastic. I think it's unfortunate that they've resorted to these type of tactics. But, the fact of the matter is she wasn't going to win Iowa," he said.

Bachmann's Iowa Political Director, Wes Enos, got fired after he issued a statement backing up Sorenson's no-money claim in the defection.

Enos said Sorenson's move was "in no way financially motivated." The Bachmann campaign fired him hours later.

Other caucus notes: In Black Hawk County, the Republican Caucus will be held in one location, the University of Northern Iowa Dome. Voting will begin at 7 p.m. Tuesday night. If the candidates want to speak, they will be given only up to four minutes to do so in front of the UNI Caucus crowd.

Online Reporter:  Ron Steele



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