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Cedar Falls fire sparked by hot embers


Fireplace embers were the cause of a small house fire in Cedar Falls Thursday morning. It happened in the 3100 block of Cypress Avenue.

Officials said embers were put in a trash bag and thrown outside. The still-hot embers burned through the bag and started a fire on the corner of the house. No serious damage was done to the home.

"A good idea is to take and put them outside in some type of metal container; a non-combustible container," Chief John Bostwick of the Cedar Falls Fire Department, said. "Don't put them in the trash can, because that trash can melt and burn also."

Chief Bostwick gives these tips to prevent these types of fires:

     1.  The container used should be placed completely outside, not in a garage or shed.

     2.  If you leave embers in the fireplace, make sure there is a glass or metal screen on the fireplace separating the embers from the room.

     3.  Embers can remain hot for up to forty eight hours. After that, it's safe to throw them out

      4. As with anything fire related, always keep a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher handy for emergencies.

Bostwick also suggests mixing the cooled embers into your garden dirt for next year's growing season.

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