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Romney looks to finish strong in Iowa Caucus


Mitt Romney got an early start with a rally in Cedar Falls Thursday morning at a small diner called J's Homestyle Cooking. There were so many people that a tent was set-up outside to handle those who couldn't get in.

In a one-on-one interview after the campaign stop, the Republican presidential hopeful said the recent polls, even the ones where he's in the lead, don't hold a lot of weight with him.

"I hope I get a good send-off from Iowa. I'm not into the prediction game or the expectations game, but I know that I'm getting great support here and that's very encouraging and of course I've got a long road to go," Romney said.

The campaign is heating up as the candidates go on the attack. Romney says he wants to stay positive, but needs to fight back when attacked.

"I recognize campaigns are going to be attacking me and we're going to respond and we're going to talk about the differences between us. I'm not afraid of the attacks that come my way and recognize that's part of the process of people getting to know us. I think the American people can sort through these things that are real and truthful and those that are not,"  Romney said.

Romney focused his speech at the Cedar Falls stop around the economy. He didn't talk much about other candidates, instead he focused on President Obama.

"President Obama wants to make America more like Europe, more like an entitlement nation where people are entitled to have whatever they want. Where government takes from some and gives to the others. The vision is to return America to the principals of opportunity which built us into the strongest nation on the planet," Romney said.

Romney also visited Mason City and Ames on Thursday.

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