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Post-holiday politicking push in Iowa


Presidential hopefuls are wrapping up a busy day of politicking Tuesday night -- just one week before the Iowa Caucus. Five of the main Republican candidates spent their day in the Hawkeye State shaking hands and asking for your support.

Rick Santorum stopped by Scratch Cupcakery in Cedar Falls for a tour and a chance to speak with a small crowd of politically-minded people

"When you see these national polls, understand how little they mean, and how important you are in the process. None of these polls matter until you vote," he said.

Iowans will vote in just a few short days, so as soon as the Christmas weekend wrapped, candidates wasted no time criss-crossing the state. But Santorum again reminded folks -- he's spent more time in Iowa than any other candidate.

"We're not running around the state trying to hit all the counties. We've already done that. And we've done it at a better pace where you had an opportunity to really listen to voters," he said.

That, you might recognize as a knock on Bachmann's 99 county tour. But many voters say, this final week is what really matters to them.

When asked if she has her mind made up, Molly Moerer said, "I think I do, but I'm not quite sure yet. That's why I'm here."

Caucus-goers, Moerer from Waverly, or Laura Meyers from Reinbeck, are planning to see as many candidates in person as possible this week.

"We haven't made any decisions yet as far as voting goes, so we want to hear as many people as we can," Meyers explained.

Most people at the event in Cedar Falls said they have a good idea of who they'll caucus for -- and it may not be the one they came to see. But they are listening, and say the candidates need to stay sharp.

"It may be too late to change peoples minds. I think if you make a mistake you could probably sway people away, but probably not towards you," said Meyers.

With dozens of events planned in the coming days, candidates have plenty of opportunities to make a mistake, or to sway a caucus-goer to their camp.

Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman were noticeably absent from the state Tuesday. Paul is planning to begin his final push in Iowa Wednesday. Huntsman seems to be avoiding Iowa altogether -- hanging everything on a win in the New Hampshire primary.

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