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Iowa's Child: Alexander


Three-year-old Alexander is officially part of the family in the eyes of the law.

"All of the pleadings that have been presented."

Iowa District Court Judge Richard Blane approved the adoption to Tammy Gilmore.

"He came to me when he was 14-months old. He just turned three, and this has been a long, long haul," Gilmore said. "It's amazing. I can't even describe in words what it feels like. It just fills my heart. It does."

Alexander was one of Iowa's many 'waiting children'.

Gilbertville native Michelle Saveraid helps Iowa children inside the foster care system. She is a Des Moines attorney and court-appointed guardian ad litem for many Iowa children, just like 3-year old Alexander.

"I have clients coming into the system as young a newborns and some coming in as old as 17. So, for juveniles, they're all ages, and so, there's such a need for a variety of different homes for them and different families to take them in and provide them with structure we see every day that they respond to."

Gilmore's experience is one she hopes to have again.

"There's kids out there that deserve dependable, loving adults, caring adults in their lives, and there are lots of caring adults, if they have any questions about becoming a foster parents. They should really, just look into it. So, will you adopt again. Absolutely, I will." Gilmore said.

And so can you---for information on becoming a foster or adoptive parent in Iowa---contact the great experts at Iowa KidsNet. The toll free number is 800-243-0756.

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