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The first day of winter: snow plows are still in storage


The mild weather is dashing many people's hopes for a white Christmas. It's also having an impact on winter-related industries -- like private and public snow removal contractors.

"In past years, we've plowed 10, 15 days straight. It's pretty odd that it's the 21st, first day of winter, we haven't even dropped a blade. We've salted once," said Cory Coleman, owner of A-Credited Property Management in Waterloo.

Right now, Coleman is looking at a holiday filled with brown instead of white, which also means, less green.

"Definitely made some things a little tougher, things are running thinner than normal," he said.

He's kept his crews busy on side projects for the last few weeks, but there's only so much to do before the blades hit the pavement.

"It's now, just wandering around looking for things to do because we have everything caught up. It's usually like -- we'll get to that later, it's not a huge issue. But even all of those are taken care of!" said Coleman.

Private contractors like Coleman are ready for the snow to fall. But for public crews, like the City of Cedar Falls, the longer plow trucks sit idol, the more money taxpayers save.

"Every time our trucks do not have to roll, whether it's snow removal, plowing, de-icing, whatever the case may be, it's saving us money. Fuel, wear and tear on the trucks," said Brian Heath, Operation & Maintenance Manager for the City of Cedar Falls.

City crews are keeping busy until the snow falls or the ground freezes. They're working on sewer, ground, and water projects they haven't had a chance to finish in the past few years.

"We have a lot of things we're catching up on because of the last few years, we've been so busy plowing snow," Heath said.

But Heath said, a couple hours of overtime are helpful for crews right before Christmas.

"It's kind of bitter-sweet for them because they enjoy getting a little extra money for the holidays. However, it's nice to be home with the family as well," he explained.

Chances are, we'll have our share of winter storms in 2012. And when the snow does fall, you can bet Coleman's trucks will be on the road in a hurry.

"I'm ready for 12 inches or more!" he added.

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