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Poll numbers continue to rise and fall for candidates


During the past several months we have seen several presidential candidates poll numbers rise and fall quickly. Just last week Newt Gingrich was leading the way in Iowa, but now according to Public Policy Polling Ron Paul is the front runner while Gingrich's support has slipped dramatically.

Michele Bachmann is trying to reach out to as many supporters as possible in these last couple of weeks before the caucus. During her 99 county tour she stopped in Fayette for a meet and greet at a local restaurant.

Some took the opportunity to get to know the candidate before making a final decision on who they'll caucus for like Upper Iowa University student Layne Haber.

"I need to do a little more ready but currently I'm supporting Ron Paul. If I had to pick one right now, but I need to do a little more reading," said Haber.

David and Maxine Balk of Waucoma are supports of Michele Bachmann and they believe one issue out weighs all others.

"Michele is our gal for 100 percent pro life. She's a mother. She's raised five foster children. She understands what life's all about. If we don't get the life issue right the rest doesn't matter," said Maxine Balk.

As for recent poll numbers that show Bachmann in the single digits, the Balks say those numbers won't sway their support.

"It just depends on how the question is and who's taking the poll. I just don't put any value on polls," said Balk.

"It depends on which polls you're looking at. Right now after the debate last Thursday in Sioux City we are bulleting up the charts. We have enthusiasm and overwhelming response in city after city across Iowa," said Bachmann.

The national polls also differ greatly from the Iowa polls. According to an ABC News-Washington Post poll, Gingrich and Romney are tied at the top, both with 30 percent. Ron Paul is third with 15 percent. Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry round out the top five tied with seven percent.

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