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Health Plus: in-Home Patient Care


Forget repeated trips to the hospital, these days medical visits can happen in the comfort of your home for patients with chronic health problems.

In Health Plus, how one eastern Iowa woman can lead a full life despite her dependence on oxygen.

More than ten years ago, Avice Potter was taken by ambulance to Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo.

She was coughing up blood and running a high fever.

"Even if I'm in the bathroom and the phone rings and I come in, well, you noticed it was a little hard for me to breathe," she said.

But today at 85, the Evansdale woman lives on her own--with the help of oxygen.

"Don't have to ask anyone to do things for you. I do my own cooking, but I do not clean. I have a cleaning lady because that's too exhausting," she said.

Covenant Home Medical provides Avice with regular nursing visits and equipment.

 "Over the years, they've come out with much smaller tanks, easier for the patient just to carry themselves. They are totally in control of their own oxygen. They fill the tank themselves. They don't have to call us and set up a delivery time," Covenant respiratory therapist Mary Marienau said.

Mary has been checking on Avice ever since the former Jesup woman left the hospital a decade ago.

"This way the family and the patients can do pretty much everything themselves and we're there if they need us 24/7 we're on call--somebody," said Mary.

Avice is grateful for a program that keeps her happy at home--this year she says her Thanksgiving table prayer included a mention of Covenant Home Medical.

Avice is still able to drive--in fact she can safely secure her portable oxygen tank with a seatbelt.

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