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Train Safety for all ages


For the typical four year old, knowledge about trains is probably limited to "Thomas the Train" or "The Polar Express."

"The passengers get on the trains," one preschool student said.

But this day Francis Edeker hopes to get one important message across to these Aplington-Parkersburg preschoolers.

"Just trying to get them aware that you need to stay back at a safe distance. Enjoy the trains, but stay back at a safe distance," Edeker said.

Edeker grew up near a train track and just three years ago retired from his job on the railroad. He has been teaching railroad safety for 23 years now.

He says no matter the age, safety is an important message to get across.

"We have more people killed trespassing on the railroad tracks than we do on highway grad-crossings. That means walking or standing too close to the tracks and getting hit by the train or to get underneath them or crawling over them," Edeker said.

Earlier this year, we saw a Waterloo woman lose a leg from a train because she was trying to cross while the train was on the tracks. This was just one sobering reminder of the value of these lessons.

"Stay away from the tracks and fall underneath the trains. Basically stay away from trains, enjoy them, but stay away," Edeker said.

Teaching everyone safety even the youngest train lover.

"You can't go under trains, because you will get flat," one preschool student said.

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