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SYSK: Teacher and volunteer make UNI class worth attending


Students in one human relations class at UNI admit they actually look forward to coming to class twice a week.

"I love it. It's my favorite class. You can tell Kathy and Carol are passionate about what they do," student Olivia Lofgren said.

Kathy Oakland is the instructor for the required class for teacher education majors.

Carol Shelton is a volunteer, fondly known as Grandma Carol.

"Grandma Carol's not technically the professor, but together, they make the class," student Lindsi Franzen said.

Both Sheltonl and Oakland graduated from UNI.

Oakland first worked as a high school teacher and came back to UNI 25 years ago. Grandma Carol taught at the middle school level in Waterloo for 40 years. Now, she sits in on the college class every Tuesday and Thursday.

"My job as a volunteer is to tell them what the real world of teaching is like," Carol Shelton said.

"They have a grandma here. They confide in her often times, and she's here to share the reality of teaching and share stories. The students love it," Kathy Oakland said.

Much of Oakland's class is based around guest speakers, giving these future teachers real tips on human relations.

Grandma Carol became a volunteer after her son asked for her to be a guest speaker.

"Her son said why do you have all these speakers come in when my mom knows more about education than anybody. She should come. So I said fine. That was six years ago. She has not left," Oakland said.

Grandma Carol hopes her stories and advice make these students better teachers.

"We can't be all things to all kids, but we can be there everyday to say good morning, good bye, have a good week, what do you need," Shelton said.

Students said Kathy Oakland and Carol Shelton make the class, but Grandma Carol said it's the students who keep her coming back.

"I do this for no pay, and I'm the richest person in the world," she said.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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