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Hy-Vee introduces shopping app


Have you ever walked into a store and didn't know where to find anything? Well now there's an app for that. Hy-Vee's first app helps people locate stores, shows items on sale, and even gives you a map of the store to find items you're looking for.

It's grocery shopping for the 21st century. Smart phones are everywhere and Hy-Vee wants to capitalize on the trend.

"It's just another way to connect to our customers as we've gone over the Twitter and Facebook stage and now we're moving on to the next big thing," said Logan Avenue Hy-Vee Store Director, Sailu Timbo.

Jessica Nielsen comes to this Waterloo Hy-Vee with her daughter a few times a week. She says she sees the benefits to the app.

"Yeah I get lost here a lot actually," said Nielsen.

Katie and Eric Hesse from Sumner come to Waterloo to do their grocery shopping. They've noticed not every store is set up the same.

"There are big Hy-Vees too that I've gone in and you think they're set up similar, but they're different. It would be nice to have," said Eric Hesse.

"I'm excited about it because it just adds to another level of service in my store to where a customer can find items they need. I'm excited about it personally because I can use it too," said Timbo.

You can do some shopping with the app, but it's limited to catering and the floral department.

The Hy-Vee app was first introduced at the end of November and it's currently only available for the iPhone. Hy-Vee expects to have this app available to Android phone users by the end of the year.

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