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Health Plus: A blog helps man cope with amputation


The internet has changed the way we deal with health problems.

No need to wait for a phone call or details from a church friend, when you can go online for medical updates.

In Health Plus, how one eastern Iowa man used a blog to cope with an amputation.

Ken Earnest is a devoted husband and father.

But thanks to the internet the Waterloo man is also a blogger who used his online journal to connect with anyone interested in his health challenges that led to a leg amputation.

"I have learned that this is me. I love my kids, my family and this is me. I've learned to do things differently," Earnest said.

A fall on the job in the summer of 2010 was all it took to send the now 68-year-old on a roller coaster of medical ups and downs.

Again and again Earnest's knee replacements resulted in infections so his son turned to the internet to establish a blog for him on

Ken detailed the agonizing decision to amputate his leg; his faith never wavering.

"Every time that I would ever even begin to take my eyes off, like 'Dang it, this is, awww dang I hurt,' Jesus was there to lift me up and get me back. It's like, I can walk on water," he said.

Thanks to Covenant Medical Center's Home Health his physical therapy and skilled nursing needs are being met at home.

And the positive attitude he projects in person and on-line helps.

"I just remember when we had that conversation. Ken had done his research, and he knew that an amputation maybe was coming down the road... he talked to people, he connected with the right people and found that it was a positive thing.  And he knew it was going to restore his quality of life," Registered Nurse Becky Shirk said.

Ken had his other knee replaced this week.

You can connect with Ken on-line, too.

Just search for Ken Earnest on

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