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Shortened hours at Waterloo IRS creates long line for taxpayers


Monday afternoon, dozens of Eastern Iowa workers were stuck waiting in line for several hours. This wasn't another Black Friday; they were in line to pay their taxes.

"Right at... pressing two hours. And I've come 20 feet. I've only got another 25 feet to go," Brian Belmer said.

"I've been here since 1:15... I came once before noon, but they close at noon," Sevada Dzanaovic said.

The IRS Form 2290 Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return is due Wednesday. It's required for every heavy vehicle used on pubic highways.

"If I don't pay this, I will not get a license for my truck," Belmer said.

In previous years, it was a quick in and out for the folks in line. But three weeks ago, the Waterloo IRS office cut it's workweek from five days, to two. It was not a move to save money, but due to, what IRS spokesperson Christopher Miller called an "unexpected staffing change."

"We're working to serve taxpayers in the best possible way with the available resources now by having an employee travel in two days a week from another location," he said.

Having one person handle two locations has worked out, until this week's deadline.

"We have to take care of it today. Everybody who waited until the last second, they had to do it today," Dzanaovic said.

The folks waiting are trying to be patient. But the fact that this is a government office does seem to add fuel to their frustration.

"How would you like to work from 9-12 and 1:00-3:30:? And that's considered a work week?" Belmer questioned.

The office did remain open Tuesday well beyond the regular closing time to take care of all taxpayers in line. The men and women we talked with said they're relieved to go home knowing they're square with Uncle Sam, and they've made a few new friends too.

"You offer a trucker a free cup of coffee and conversation, and they're happy," Belmer said.

Miller said he can't speculate how long the Waterloo office will have limited hours. But the most current information is always available on the IRS website

If you still need to file your heavy vehicle use tax return, you can do so online, or head to the Cedar Rapids office Wednesday.

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