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Eastern Iowans remember JFK on 48th anniversary of his death


Today marks 48 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas.

For those old enough to remember that fateful day, the memories are etched in their consciousness.

He was killed while riding in an open-top car through Dealey Plaza in Dallas.

Two bullets struck the president, the first in his back and throat and the second in the back of his head.

Eastern Iowans paused to remember where they were on November 22, 1963.

"I was vacuuming the living room floor, and I was watching TV at the same time... Actually, I think I cried... Because I liked JFK. I liked him as president," Kaye Clark said.

"When President Kennedy was shot, I remember my principal walking in school and my teacher, and they both began to cry, and then, when I went home again, my mother was crying, and I actually made my mother a scrapbook," Nick Ciacelli said. "I stayed up all night. I went and bought a bunch of newspapers, and the next morning, I gave her a scrapbook to make her feel better."

"I think that that was the big thing: it was just totally unbelievable that it could happen. It was a little bit like the World Trade Center when it come down," Robert Kappes said.

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