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Too early to celebrate Christmas?


It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas in downtown Cedar Falls -- not to mention store windows all over Eastern Iowa -- and it's not even Thanksgiving yet! So we wanted to know what you think: are we celebrating Christmas too soon?

"I think we're trying to rev everybody up for it earlier, definitely," early Christmas shopper Karen Anderson said.

"I've seen the decorations already. I mean, they're all over," Charlie Weber said.

Weber, for one, thinks it's definitely too soon for Christmas. Others disagree.

"I think it's about the right time. All my friends have started putting up their trees," said Terry Ricketts, who was busy decorating a Cedar Falls restaurant.

"I started putting my decorations up!" Emily Carlson said.

A lot of people say, they're already in the mood for Christmas. But then, where does that leave Thanksgiving?

"I think that it's pretty easy to overlook Thanksgiving. But I'm not overlooking it!" Lauren Hanson said.

"Thanksgiving should be it's own holiday. It's more of a sit around, watch football holiday. More my speed," said Weber.

But even the most die-hard turkey day supporters admit, there's something special about Christmas.

"It's like Thanksgiving, only you can eat whatever you want instead of turkey, and then there's presents," said Weber.

In all seriousness, the decorations may seem premature, but they are warming hearts at a time when many people need it most.

"A lot of hope and great memories for people. So they want to get to that point a little bit faster," Ricketts said.

"That warm fuzzy mood," said Carlson.

Hanson agreed, "I feel like time is going so fast that it's nice to have an extension"

So the general consensus seems to be -- yes, we're celebrating a little earlier than usual. But as long as it's after Halloween, most people agree it's never too soon to get in the holiday spirit.

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