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Bystanders pull woman from burning car


A woman is unharmed after two good samaritans pull her from her burning car. 60-year-old Cynthia Bird was driving south of Waterloo when she decided she wanted to turn around.

Sheriff's officials say Bird drove into a cornfield and got stuck. While driving, corn stalks got stuck under her car and started on fire.

Anthony Reinking, a student at Hawkeye Community College, was leaving school when he noticed Bird's car in a near-by field. He saw a woman sitting inside and small fire starting to burn underneath the car. Reinking decided to turn around and take a closer look. It just so happens, he's also a volunteer fire fighter.

"By the time I got back it started smoking pretty good and some flames started shooting up from the bottom of the car," said Reinking.

Jennifer Glidewell is a nurse's aid at Harmony House. She helps take care of people with brain injuries. She was on her way to pick up her daughter when she saw Bird's car on fire.

"As I opened the door I noticed she had an oxygen tank sitting next to her so I know we had to get out of there as fast as possible so we grabbed her and I grabbed her tank and we ran to the road," said Glidewell.

Glidewell says the woman was disoriented because she wasn't getting enough oxygen.

"I know for a fact she wouldn't have gotten out of the car because she was stuck in there. It was a good thing. Right place, right time," said Glidewell.

Just a day later the car has been towed away and only a few muddy tire tracks are left. As for those who pulled her to safety, they say they were just glad to help.

"I panicked afterwards, but I'm just thankful I got her out of there safely," said Glidewell.

"I know I've been in trouble at times and I've had people stop and help me and I kinda figured you stop and help somebody and hopefully the favor is returned," said Reinking.

Jennifer Glidewell is going back to school become a registered nurse. Anthony Reinking, while taking classes at Hawkeye Community College, is also a volunteer fire fighter in Westgate.


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