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UPDATE: DNR finds source of Waterloo gasoline leak


The Iowa DNR has found the source of a gasoline leak at a Waterloo convenience store that has contaminated a small, nearby creek.

The DNR says a puncture was found Wednesday in an 80-foot long fill line that is used to fill the regular unleaded storage tank at the Kum & Go at 117 East San Marnan Road.

Last week, the owner found between 3,000 and 4,000 gallons of fuel missing during a tank check.  The Iowa Department of Natural Resources visited the station on November 3rd for follow-up. 

"They are doing what they can to vacuum free product out of the monitoring wells and recover it," said Brian Jergenson of the DNR's Manchester field office. "We ruled out tanks and pipe lines on Thursday and thought the source of the leak might be a remote fuel line used when filling the tanks."

The owner pumped out the leaking tank to stop any further leakage. The cleanup contractor estimates about 1,900 gallons of leaked fuel has been recovered.

The repaired line and two other lines will be tested and the station will be required to assess and monitor the effectiveness of their cleanup and report it to the DNR.

"Once petroleum is released into the environment, it can be quite difficult to recover," Ruth Hummel, DNR regional coordinator for leaking tank sites, said in a written statement.  "Petroleum can contaminate ground water and drinking water in wells."

"The release of a volatile petroleum product such as gasoline can also produce vapors which can enter sewers or basements," Hummel added.  "When the vapor concentrations are highest right after a release, they pose a risk for fire or explosions. That is why it is important to respond quickly to petroleum releases and to monitor conditions closely during cleanup activities. Longer term risks to public health are associated with breathing the lingering vapors."

The DNR is asking the operator of the station to provide more information about the cause and source of the release, and will watch the site closely.

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