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SYSK: Janesville First Responders director turns off pager


People in Janesville came to say "thanks" and "good luck" to Dave Beenblossom.

Dave is one of the founding members of the Janesville First Responders.

"When the pager goes off, we're there. Dave's one of the first ones, no matter what," said Lance Woodyard.

But recently, Dave decided it was time to turn his pager off, making the difficult decision to retire, partly for medical reasons.

"I'm going to let somebody else make the runs in the middle of the night and bad weather and I'm going to sit home and relax," said Dave Beenblossom.

Beenblossom served as director of the Janesville First Responders for nearly 30 years. He's missed a lot of family dinners and lost many nights of sleep, but he said it's worth it to be there during a difficult time for another family.

"Just a personal touch, that's what it's all about. Let them know somebody in town cares," he said.

Dave said since the Janesville First Responders started in 19-83, volunteers have treated more than 2700 victims.

The group covers a 55-mile area, including the intersection at Highway 218 and C57 -- known for bad accidents.

"It's not just one person. It's a whole group to do it, and they do a good job. They actually made my job as director pretty easy," said Beenblossom.

Fellow responders said it was Dave who made it easier for them. He was a good director and a good friend.

"Dave's a caring guy. He'd give you the shirt off his back to help you out. If there's a crisis going on, Dave would be there for you," said Lance Woodyard.

Besides First Responders, Dave also served with the Janesville Fire Department for 35 years. In his retirement letter he wrote, "I've been blessed by being surrounded by many great people." And as seen in the turnout for his retirement party, Dave Beenblossom is considered a great person, too.

"We wish him well. We're gonna miss him," said Woodyard.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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