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Halloween Pet Safety 101


While many people have thought about the safety of their kids on Halloween, what about pets?

Pet costumes are all the rage this year, and just like their human counterparts, pirate, pumpkin and super hero costumes are flying off store shelves.

Pet safety tip #1: Pet Costume Safety

Experts at the Cedar Bend Humane Society say to make sure your K9 companion is comfortable when dressing them up for Halloween.

"One thing when your dressing them up make sure the costume is nice and tight and that they are comfortable with it. Also that they are not able to get out of it or get to it and chew it up," said Vania Warns, Cedar Bend Humane Society.

How long they wear it however is up to them.

Pet safety tip #2: Candy Safety

Your pets may also be interested in that candy the kids bring home, but remember chocolate can be toxic.

"If they would get into a tiny candy bar it wouldn't be a huge problem, but if he would get into a huge bag of candy you will want to call your vet right away," said Warns.

Pet safety tip #3: Human Safety

Experts say although you may insist you have a nice pet they can still get scared.

"If someone is coming to the house with a big costume, your dog might be scared. You don't want a dog to jump up and nip someone because it's scared."

The experts at the Cedar Bend Humane Society also suggest not taking your pets out Monday night with the kids.

Instead find pet events for your furry friend to attend or leave them in the safety of your home.

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