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Someone You Should Know: Vinton-Shellsburg place kicker


High school senior Kelly Wagner is just one of the players on this year's Vinton-Shellsburg football team.

During games, she's the extra point and field goal kicker. Kelly didn't ask to be on the football team. Instead, the coach asked her.

"He said he heard I could kick. I played soccer for our team in the spring, and he wondered if I was interested in trying," said Kelly Wagner

Coach Pat Farley said he lost two kickers from last year, so he wanted to add depth to the roster.

"It got to a point, we needed a job done, and it didn't matter about gender. It worked out real well," said Coach Pat Farley.

To be on the team, Kelly had to commit 100 percent, just like all the other players. Kelly started playing soccer when she was around three years old, so she's used to kicking, just a different shaped ball.

"I have a soccer-style kick, which means I kick with the laces and inside part of my foot. So, it's the same motion but it's different muscles. The ball's a different shape, so it travels differently when you kick it," she said.

"What you do with a soccer-style kicker is you take a certain segment of their technique and then to apply it to football. Most NFL and college kickers are soccer-style kickers," said Coach Farley.

Kelly said her longest kick is 35 yards, which she made in practice. But she isn't just a kicker, she's also royalty. Earlier in October, Kelly was crowned Vinton-Shellburg Homecoming Queen.

"I was very excited when I won. I was surprised, though, because I'm new at this school. I haven't been here a year yet," said Kelly Wagner.

Kelly said she's grateful to her classmates, her teammates and her family for all the support. Even though she never planned to be on the football team, she's glad for the opportunity.

"She's been a teammate like anybody else. It's been a good experience, and I think she'll tell you it's been a growing experience. We've been happy to have her part of the team," said Farley.

Football is great for fall, but come spring, Kelly plans to focus on her specialty -- soccer.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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