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Web page helps employers and employees in eastern Iowa


How do you help employers find the right employees? That's the question behind a web site through the Waverly Area Economic Development office.

"We're connecting employers to employees together. We're not even so called the middle person because we just put it out there, and they contact the employer directly. The employer can contact us to put openings up," said Brent Matthias.

The site currently has more than 100 job openings for Bremer County and the Waverly Area. It's updated each week.

"A lot of people go, well, it's just manufacturing and we go no. It's jobs of all sectors. It's finance, jobs, education, it's healthcare," said Matthias.

Brent Matthias with Waverly Area Economic Development said Bremer County is tied with Winneshiek County for the lowest unemployment rate in eastern Iowa, which is another reason why this web site is important - making sure employers get connected with the right employees to keep companies in the area.

"If you just watch the national news, it's all doom and gloom. I'm not saying it's rainbows here in the Waverly area, but we're optimistic about what's happening. We're seeing growth in our different sectors, and when we have 100 jobs open, that says something about the companies and businesses looking to grow," said Matthias.

To view the web site, click here.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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