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Health Plus: Self breast exam importance


As breast cancer awareness month comes to a close, one eastern Iowa woman wants to remind you that doing self breast exams should be a year-round priority. Feeling a lump likely saved her life.

Stacy Allers discovered a lump in her breast by accident.

"Actually, I got out of the shower in January. I was toweling off and I felt a lump," Allers said.

The 40-year-old went to Covenant Clinic in Jesup when it didn't go away.

"Let's just get the testing first and we'll go from there and see what happens from there," said Stefani Pitkin, her physician assistant.

Pitkin says Stacy did the right thing by just coming in. She referred Stacy for a mammogram the same day.

"Three days later is when I had a biopsy and Doctor Savereide called me on March 8 at 9 o'clock in the morning at work and said that is was positive," explains Allers.

"That point of not knowing is very difficult, as you can imagine. So I think getting then in and just taking care of the patient as soon as we can is the best," said Pitkin.

Following a mastectomy and chemotherapy, radiation treatments will wrap up for Stacy next week.

"If you feel anything strange, do self exams," she said.

Stacy is an admissions advisor for Kaplan University and says she'd like to thank her employer and co-workers for being so supportive.

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