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Cedar Rapids kidnapping case in hands of the judge


The Keith Elson Jr. kidnapping trial is now in the hands of the judge.

Elson is facing first degree kidnapping charges after he abducted and sexually assaulted a 19-year-old store clerk in May 2010.

Thursday afternoon in Linn County Court, the defending and prosecuting attorneys gave their closing arguments.

The major point of contention is Elson's capacity to form specific intent, a necessary component of the first degree kidnapping charge. The defense argues he was intoxicated and battling mental disorders at the time.

"His words, his actions, and everything he did that day are clear indications that not only did he have the capacity, but that he did have specific intent," said Jason Burns, Assistant Linn County Attorney.

"We are arguing that specific intent due to intoxication in this case has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt by the state," said defense attorney Mike Lahammer.

The judge is scheduled to read his verdict on Nov. 4, and 11 a.m.

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