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Victim testifies in Cedar Rapids kidnapping trial

Testimony continued in the Keith Elson kidnapping trial Tuesday with the victim taking the stand.

The victim testified she was working the night shift at the Kwik Shop in Cedar Rapids when a man she had never met entered and asked how late the store was open.

Hours later the victim says the man, who she now identifies as Elson, came in a second time and grabbed her as she walked by.

"He grabbed the back of my neck, held a knife up and said, I'm sorry, you have to come with me."

The victim says Elson escorted her several blocks by foot to his nearby apartment.

"He wouldn't let me go.  He kept switching which hand he held my wrist with."

It is there, the victim says she was sexually assaulted.

She says Elson apologized repeatedly afterwards.

"He told me that he knew I was raised up right, unlike him because of the way I acted and that he had been watching me," she said.

At some point during the abduction the victim got her hands on one of Elson's knives, and when he came towards her, she stabbed him.

The victim testified she then locked herself in his bathroom.

Police found her hours later in Elson's bathroom after following up on a lead from Elson's neighbor.

One investigator testified Elson was remorseful during an interview a week later.

"He became quiet and at one point started to cry and said how sorry he was for this, that it happened," said Martin Devore, an investigator with the Cedar Rapids police department.

The defense is arguing Elson was intoxicated and suffering from mental illness.  Elson is facing first degree kidnapping charges.

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