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SYSK: Olivia Steffens is "Beading for a Cure!"


Bead by bead, Olivia Steffens of La Porte City is helping to fight cancer.

"Making bracelets, and we're selling them," said Olivia Steffens.

The nine-year-old started Beading for a Cure!

"Because my grandma has cancer," said Olivia Steffens.

So after school and on weekends, she spends a lot of time at this table making bracelets to sell. Mom Rachele Steffens is amazed at how quickly the project has taken off.

"We just made one, and I showed it to the girls at work. I talked to my niece, Katie, hey what do you think about putting this on Facebook, and that night we had probably 100 orders for beads. Just the support is amazing," said Rachele Steffens.

In roughly two weeks, Olivia and her family have made about 200 bracelets, raising $600, surpassing the original goal.

"The goal was $100," said Rachele Steffens.

Olivia plans to make and sell the bracelets through June, giving all the money to Relay for Life, which is a major fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

Olivia said she's prepared to make a lot of bracelets, but it's also a lot of work.

"Yes, sometimes I get tired," said Olivia Steffens.

She's already come up with some tricks to make the process goes a little faster, like tying the string to a ruler so it stays in place and she can easily measure the length. But Olivia said all the hard work is worth it when she puts a bracelet in the mail.

"Well, my favorite part is at the end. Some people send me thank you cards and stuff. I like that part," said Olivia Steffens.

Olivia said she happy to customize the bracelets, you get to pick the size and the colors you want.

One bead at a time. She's doing her part to help fight cancer.

If you're interested in placing an order, just search "Beading for a Cure!" on Facebook.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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