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McNutt sits one shy of all-time Iowa TD reception record


Two years ago receiver Marvin McNutt burst on to the scene with his first career touchdown, a 41 yard catch against Arkansas State.  That was the beginning of something incredible as since that first trip to the end zone McNutt would find it 20 more times over the next two and a half seasons.  Now, the Hawkeye receiver sits on the brink of making team history.

"From My perspective, they should just throw the ball to him every single time," quipped defensive back Shaun Prater, "It seems like he always comes up with the ball in his hands."

McNutt is currently tied with Danan Hughes and Tim Dwight for the Hawk's all-time touchdown receptions record, one more and it's all his.  That's not bad for a former high school quarterback who never intended to play receiver in college.

"When they brought it to me, it was one of those decisions that had its pros and cons," said McNutt, "but I'm definitely glad I made the decision."

"I remember he really struggled with the whole running concept." Joked quarterback James Vandenberg, "He'd get halfway through 7 on 7, just telling me how lucky I was to be in the quarterback room."

Eventually, Marvin McNutt got used to it and since has made some of the most dramatic plays in the past few years, including a game winning score in the final minutes last season against Indiana.  The biggest play, however, came his sophomore season with a touchdown catch against Michigan State on the final play of the game to cap a Hawkeye rally with an incredible victory.

As much as he's done for the Hawkeye offense, defensive players such as Shawn Prater say he's made them better as well.

"I feel confident facing any receiver that I face, especially in our conference, since I have one of the best to play wide receiver on our team."

The team is what Marvin McNutt is all about, and his attitude about the touchdown record reflects that.

"If I get it, I'll definitely be excited, but still there's a lot of season left to be played, and I'll be more excited if we get wins."

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