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The march towards Occupy Cedar Valley


A lone drummer created the sounds of this case, class warfare.

The 99 percent, as they're calling themselves, launched their version of a national movement on college hill.

"People have been sick of the wars, people have been laid off. They're losing their jobs, they don't have health care," says Jessica Garraway, a sophomore at UNI. "People are rightfully angry. And what's going on in New York... It hit a cord with people."

From the hill, Occupy Cedar Valley marched down a long route through cedar falls.

As they put it, they're trying to make a statement... not take a shortcut.

This is organized by college students, but it's not just young people participating. There are several older people, many of them union members, who are out making their voices heard."

"Most of the people at the University, except for central administrators and coaches, they don't make very much. And I'm here supporting all of us," said UNI professor Betty DeBerg. "The American Association of University Professors has endorsed the Occupy movement, and I'm a member of that organization."

Of course, there are many people who don't agree with the message.

"I'm definitely not in the top 1%. I'm in the 99% of people who don't really have anything," said Nate Muehlenbruch of Cedar Falls.

Muehlenbruch is a former trader and current student. He believes the group's aim is misdirected.

"A lot of friends that I have that are making money, trading in Chicago, they don't have college degrees. They really don't. They just grew up learning how to make money."

Occupy Cedar Valley participants believe their message, is dead on. They say the long walk downtown was only the beginning of the battle. Participants have now planted themselves in Overman Park indefinitely.


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