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Dubuque man charged with kidnapping, sexual abuse trial begins

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33-year-old Scott Robert Robinson 33-year-old Scott Robert Robinson

Jury selection will begin Monday for the trial Scott Robinson, 33, the man accused of kidnapping a woman and sexually assaulting her at his apartment in October.

The trial will be held at the Dubuque County Court House.

The incident happened at 760 Fremont Ave, apt. 4.

According to the official criminal complaint document, a neighbor called the police a little after 4 a.m. Saturday morning, after reportedly hearing the voice of a woman in the apartment upstairs screaming, "I don't want you to do that."

Dubuque police Lt. Scott Baxter said the neighbor did the right thing.

"Which is obviously what we want people to do in that situation: if they hear a disturbance, call it in," Baxter said. "You know, you don't necessarily have to give your name, but a lot of times, that's how these victims get the assistance they need, is from citizens who are willing to step forward and make that phone call."

Two officials with the Dubuque Police Department arrived shortly after the call and knocked on the front door. They heard a commotion inside and a woman shout, "Help me, call 911!" The report says the woman sounded distressed and was clearly crying.

When nobody answered the door, officers forced entry into the apartment.

Once inside, they heard a woman cry, "Please help" and traced the voice to a locked door. The police pounded on the door, but nobody answered, so they once again forced entry.

According to the report, police found both Robinson and the victim on opposite ends of the room, naked from the waist down.

Officials separated the two for investigation.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim told police she had met Robinson in East Dubuque, and he invited her to his apartment for an after hours party.

Robinson drove the victim to his apartment, where the victim said the two of them were alone.

The victim said she became uncomfortable and tried calling a friend, but Robinson grabbed the cell phone from her hand and threw it across the living room.

She said Robinson eventually went to the bathroom, and she took that opportunity to leave. Outside the apartment building, she realized she'd left her cell phone in the man's apartment and said she felt it was her only way of getting help, so she returned to retrieve it.

When she re-entered Robinson's apartment, the victim said, Robinson grabbed her "in a headlock" and pulled her into a bedroom.

According to the report, Robinson sexually assaulted the victim. Police found scratch-related injuries on both the victim and Robinson.

"You want to try to avoid that situation altogether if you can, but if you do get yourself in that situation where you're in trouble, getting us notified, notifying law enforcement as soon as possible is imperative," Baxter said.

Dubuque Police reviewed records from the Rock Island, Ill. Police Department regarding a similar investigation involving Robinson. According to the criminal complaint, the police saw that a female reported in June 2011 of being sexually assaulted by Robinson in Rock Island, Ill.

Robinson was taken to the Dubuque County Jail. Police are asking people who came in contact with Robinson or have any other information in this case to contact investigator Jeff Tupper at 563-587-3810.

Police say Robinson was driving a brown 2002 Chevrolet Impala with an Iowa license plate.

Robinson faces charges of first degree kidnapping, which is a Class A felony and punishable by a maximum of life in prison, and second degree sexual abuse, which is a Class B felony and punishable by up to 10 years incarceration and/or a fine ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, according to the Dubuque Police Department.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and while these alleged crimes aren't exactly instances of domestic violence, Baxter said it all falls within the basic framework of a suspect committing violence against a victim.

Sr. Charla Bulko is the director of Dubuque's Domestic Violence Program. She said all too often, she hears people asking why a victim didn't do something differently.

"When you come to abuse - sexual or domestic - it doesn't make any difference. We're asking the wrong question," she said. "'Why doesn't he stop?' if he's beating. 'Why did he rape?' if he raped. Those are the questions."

Victims of domestic &/or sexual violence can reach out to the Dubuque Community Y's Domestic Violence Program at (563) 556-1100. They can also reach the Riverview Center in Dubuque. The domestic violence hotline is 815-777-3680 and the sexual assault hotline is 888-707-8155.

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