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Volunteers working around the clock to finish home


It normally takes five to six months to build a home, but thanks to the thousands of volunteers the home for Audrey Gibbs and her family is going to be done in one week.

Sydney Bodie and Kelsey Hood have never met Audrey Gibbs.

"I feel like I know them," said Bodie.

They say it doesn't even matter they haven't actually met the family.

"It's just the fact that we are out here helping as much as we can," said Hood.

"We will be here Sunday to cheer them on!" said Bodie.

The two University of Northern Iowa students are part of the few thousand volunteers helping Audrey Gibbs and her family get the home of their dreams. Some people aren't even getting any sleep.

Volunteers are so important, literally working around the clock to get this beautiful home done by Sunday and some of them aren't getting any sleep.

"About six hours in the last three days," said Bodie.

"Stay up all night, go to class all day, but it's worth it in the end," said Hood.

Bodie and Hood made the trip to West Union Monday and wanted to come back Thursday to help out again.

"We thank them for coming and they thank us for letting them be apart of it," said Bruce Neeley, volunteer coordinator for the project.

Before anyone even knew which family was selected there were nearly 1,500 volunteers who signed up. Now there are nearly 2,000 people helping, but that's what it takes to build a home in a week.

"At 4:30 Monday morning we had a slab in the bottom of the basement. 26 hours later that big house was sitting there without the shingles," said Neeley, "A lot of volunteers ask me how long it takes to build a house. It takes five to six months or 106 hours of total work to build a whole house."

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